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        1. Construction Machinery

                 Equipment Name: Loader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane, Scraper

                 In the field of excavation and shovel machinery, Junbao Hydraulic has made a lot of research and development on the hydraulic system of excavator pilot pump, small excavator multi-way valve, small and medium-sized excavator cylinder and micro excavator.
                 Various types of cylinders for medium and small excavators have been mass-produced, including stick cylinders, boom cylinders, bucket cylinders and bulldozer cylinders. In order to meet the requirements of high-pressure and high-speed working conditions of the cylinder, the cylinder is provided with one end buffer or both ends of the cylinder. The cylinder tube is made of high-quality alloy steel after being scraped and rolled by the inner hole; the piston rod is based on quenching and tempering and medium frequency quenching. The outer circle is coated with hard chrome to improve rust, abrasion and scratch resistance; the seals are of international brand. The product has the characteristics of compact structure and high reliability.
                 In response to the growing market of mini excavators, Junbao Hydraulics has developed a dedicated hydraulic system that includes a specially designed multi-gear pump that is resistant to journaling, a compact multi-way valve and a combination of hydraulic cylinders. Support for customers with needs.

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