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        1. Agricultural Machinery

                 Equipment name: cutting machine, tractor, seeder, thresher       Junbao hydraulic production of modern agricultural machinery gear oil pump (motor) has a full range of products, production valves meet the main engine hydraulic system for the power unit high pressure (high pressure 30MPa), high temperature (working oil temperature 80 ° C ~ 120 ° C), impact resistance Performance requirements such as high efficiency and low speed performance. Valve products are mainly used in medium and large horsepower tractors, large harvesting machinery and special agricultural equipment. The products are available in manual operation, hydraulic control and electromagnetic control. The castings of the products are all made of high-performance materials, which are resistant to high-pressure deformation and meet the needs of medium-high pressure hydraulic systems to meet the needs of agricultural machinery performance upgrades.
                 In recent years, Junbao has increased investment in research and development of hydraulic intelligent control systems for agricultural machinery, and some products have been put into market applications. The agricultural machinery cylinders are mainly equipped with various types of harvesters and tractors. The products are suitable for the working conditions of the main engine, and the quality is stable and reliable, which is highly praised by users.

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